Insurance July 15, 2019

Know about what hurricane-related damage is covered

It’s hurricane season, and we often think of needed physical prep.  Ensuring that you have things like water, flashlights, extra batteries, on hand is good storm prep, but we often forget to think about th “what-if’s” if a storm hits us hard.  For us who live on the coast, one of those what if’s is the financial impact of flooding.  This is a good article on flood insurance and covers 4 major topics.

    1. Homeowner’s insurance typically covers 4 major categories (hint: flooding is not one)
    2. You may have a hurricane deductible, and it can be pricey
    3. You must purchase flood insurance separately
    4. Pay close attention to what’s excluded from your policy
It’s too late to think about these things when it comes time to file a claim, so do your homework before a storm arrives.  Let me know if you have any questions or comments!