Market Info July 27, 2019

20 key signs that Your house value is changing

The intent of this article is to show how these 20 indicators are key signs that your home may be losing value. They are and that’s true. However, the items in this article also does a GREAT job pointing out all the things that a Realtor takes into consideration when pricing a home.

Many people think that the algorithm-driven prices they find on Zillow and the like are accurate estimates, but they’re not. Don’t get me wrong; they’re a good starting point to get a really rough idea of what your home may be worth, but an algorithm cannot take many of these variables into consideration. Only a trained human can evaluate items like deferred maintenance, additions to the home, proposed zoning rate changes, etc. 

So take a read through this article through two lenses. First as the article intended, which is to understand that these 20 items are great indicators that your home value is changing. But also realize that these items have to also be considered when selling your home and a skilled Realtor is the right person to help you determine this price!

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