Prep To Sell July 27, 2019

Doing this one thing can help sell it faster

Let me cut to the point of the article; this is about doing a pre-inspection. I fall in the 80/20 camp on this. I think it’s a good idea 80% of the time, but there is always 20% of the situations where it may not be a great idea (ok, maybe 90/10, but you get my drift). The article gives good detail, but here are a few of the reasons to do so:

It removes surprises when the buyer’s inspection report comes in. You will know what you are likely to face, and can address the big items ahead of time. Sometimes a buyer will look at an inspection report and get intimidated by the problems surfaced. Remove the risk of a buyer backing out by taking care of the biggies ahead of time.

It can actually save you money. You can bet that when a buyer’s inspection report comes in and their agent starts to negotiate for them, they won’t be asking for concessions on par with the lower end of repair costs. If you address repairs early, you’ll have time to shop for the best contractor deals out there.

The biggest thing to keep in mind as a seller is that you are responsible by law to disclose your knowledge of many of the things an inspection could surface, So unless you’re ready to address the major items, you may want to camp in the above mentioned 20%. Let me know if you have any questions or comments!!

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