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Smart kitchen remodeling

A complete kitchen renovation can recover approximately 62% of the remodeling costs when your home is sold.  To help ensure a good return on your kitchen remodel, planning is key. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, allotting six months for planning and not allowing yourself to reduce it is important.  Cutting corners on planning time will often lead to cutting corners on the plan, and that means a direct impact on your remodel. Here are some other guidelines when it comes to the details of the plan.

    • Look at your existing kitchen for what works, what doesn’t, what’s required and what’s desired.  You don’t want a great plan where you forgot the refrigerator because you were too focused on getting the island added!  
  • Take a look at the traffic pattern of your kitchen so you don’t create cramped spaces, which is one of the primary things we look to get rid of in a remodel.
  • Make sure erogonomics are a planning component.  You don’t want to find that the island stops you from opening your fridge door all the way (I’ve seen that, by the way)
  • Choose everything before starting.  You don’t want to find out that your assumptions about cabinet hardware ends up not working, or that your vented hood can’t be vented.

There are other great tips in this article, so check it out.  If you’ve gone through a sizable kitchen remodel, drop a comment below to share your voice of experience!

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