About Jim:

I grew up in West Ashley, and entered the eye opening experience of the U.S. Marine Corps, which was the beginning of my being away from the Holy City for quite a few years, but I’m back to the lowcountry I love. I have two adult sons who live in Seattle, which is where my wife and I moved here from, and although I miss them, I enjoy seeing them loving their lives in the Pacific Northwest. I always said I wouldn’t own a Chihuahua, and I now own a Chihuahua who has me wrapped around her little paw. Never, ever, say never.


About Jim's Experience:

I have served in several industries (from an infantry Marine to a software company executive) and this is how I think my experience benefits you:

Project Management – Selling a house is a project. It’s often a complex project, and successfully selling a home requires a project manager capable of steering through complexity. During my career as a technology specialist and executive, I have developed my project management skills and gained a keen understanding of human and technology resource use. I will use those skills and experience to create your real estate advantage.  

Deep Knowledge of Technology – I have spent 20 years in the “high tech” industry in many roles, from technical to sales and executive management. I’ve negotiated multi-million dollar technology contracts, and I’ve been responsible for large software projects, with many skill producing adventures in between. Real estate has been infused with a wide variety of technologies, and my technology career will give you a clear advantage in the life of your transaction.  

Executive Experience – My corporate executive experience has given me tools which enable me to evaluate strategic market dynamics so I can ensure you are aware of your position as a buyer or seller, and your best approach to the current market. I will utilize the many business development experiences I have navigated to expertly negotiate the purchase of your dream home or, an offer on the home you're selling.


About the Knowledge Center content on this site:

Although I consider myself to be a subject matter expert as a generalist in real estate, I'm not a subject matter expert in the many specialized fields which impacts real estate.  I want to give you access to what I consider some of the best writing on the various topics in the industry in one organized place.  So I search for and collate the best content I can find and add my bits of introducing commentary.  I believe that this does you, the real estate consumer, the best service possible when it comes to an agent providing you with well written and concise information.  So read, enjoy and let me know what you think!

Jim Smoak
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