Advancing the Voice of Johns Island

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The Johns Island Community Association (JICA) considers itself to be the positive and collaborative voice for the residents of Johns Island to the city, county and state. They strive to understand the overarching desires of the residents and ensure that the same is presented to all appropriate agencies. Currently, a large part of their work is to ensure the various government entities understand the imbalance between the population growth rate on the island and the lack of road and storm water infrastructure support.

Mortgage Intelligence: Part Two

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Buyers with experience have a few other things to consider.  If you’re last home purchase was prior to the 2008 recession, then it may be a surprise to hear about today’s processing changes.  Today’s loan processing can often be arduous and time consuming.  This is primarily due to new regulations designed to protect the consumer, from costly lending mistakes.  The new regulations were an outcome of the 2008 market crisis.  This is another reason to start the process sooner than later.

Mortgage Intelligence: Part One

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I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Jason Dolinski to talk about the wide world of home mortgages.  We discussed what home buyers and sellers should know about mortgages and home financing.  Jason is a loan officer with Sunbelt Lending Services.  He also has one of the most impressive mustaches that I’ve ever […]