General Real Estate Smart kitchen remodeling A complete kitchen renovation can recover approximately 62% of the remodeling costs when your home is sold.  To help ensure a good return on your kitchen remodel, planning is key. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, allotting six months for planning and not allowing yourself to reduce it is important.  Cutting corners on […]
General Real Estate The hurricane is gone; now what? With Hurricane Dorian effects on the east coast of the United States, there are a number of things homeowners need to consider when it’s time to assess material damage in the wake of a major hurricane.  Here are some great tips from an article I just read. Your home has sustained damage, now what? Document […]
Maintenance Home Warranty Facts What is a home warranty and how does it work? A home warranty extends coverage for a specified contract term; after that, the homeowner can renew or cancel the contract. How do you know if you need a home warranty? Can you afford to buy one? Your home is one of the largest purchases you’ll […]
Maintenance Maintenance and Repair Costs Homeowners Should Prepare For Having an emergency fund is a fairly well known and followed practice. The interruption of income or a family emergency that requires travel and time off from work are common issues where this practice comes in handy. However, it seems to be far less common to have a fund for household maintenance and repairs. I […]
Maintenance What is a home warranty and do you need one? I’m usually skeptical when it comes to 3rd party warranties, such as extended warranties sold by retailers of consumer electronics. Sometimes they make sense to purchase, but in my estimation, most do not.
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