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General Real Estate Costs to expect when selling your home Often, when you think about what you’ll make from selling your home, you think mortgage payoff subtracted from the sale price.  However, there are other expenses you will need to consider when selling your home. Here is a brief list of the primary expenses that you need to be aware of. Home Prep:  Prior to […]
Prep To Sell Fall decor tips when selling your home Step back and ask yourself if fall decor (pumpkins, scarecrows, and other seasonal ornamentation) will make it harder to sell your home?  Most staging experts agree that staging your listing with fall decor is valuable as long as you do so judiciously. However, not all holidays are exciting to everyone.  The point of staging is […]
Prep To Sell Should you remodel before selling your home? Some homeowners are hesitant to update/remodel before selling, which is understandable, but there are a few things you should consider before making a decision. Here are some myths about remodeling to sell that homeowners should debunk before deciding. MYTH #1: Homeowners want to remodel AFTER they purchase the home – Typically, buyers can’t visualize the […]
Prep To Sell How to stage your home to sell, even with kids and clutter underfoot There are many articles providing tips on staging and decluttering.  Most do a good job on outlining the statistical benefits of good staging and giving good practical how-to’s, as does this one.  But this one is especially good because of it’s focus on families with kids.    The author roles up her sleeves and talks […]
Prep To Sell Doing this one thing can help sell it faster Let me cut to the point of the article; this is about doing a pre-inspection. I fall in the 80/20 camp on this. I think it’s a good idea 80% of the time, but there is always 20% of the situations where it may not be a great idea (ok, maybe 90/10, but you get […]
Prep To Sell Manage the stress of selling your home I get it. Selling a home can be a stressful process. But it can be especially stressful if you are in the dark and are uninformed! This article talks about a study that showed the many reasons why home sellers were stressed. Yes, it can be a completely stress free experience, but much of what […]
Prep To Sell 5 secrets to make your home sell faster This article gives some good tips on getting your home ready for sale. It’s not exhaustive as it doesn’t include what you should consider repairing, but it’s a good list of high impact basics. A few things I would add to each category:
Prep To Sell How to paint your way to a profitable, faster home sale Although it’s hard to determine how much a good painting update can add to the selling price of your home, there’s good evidence that it does. There’s also good evidence that it can help your home sell faster, and time is money! This article provides a summary of preferred colors and focus areas, as well […]
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