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Do I Really Need To Stage My Home When Selling?

Well, you’ve decided to sell and have heard that staging the interior can help you sell it faster and for more money.  Is that true?  I put together a video that goes over the facts on how beneficial staging can be, as well as the “why, who and how” of home staging for home sellers.  In this video, I interviewed Dee Khachab of Halcyon of Charleston, and she took me through a house that she recently staged and was on the market to be sold.  One of the things we didn’t cover in the video, is a common A or B question, which is, “should i stage my home or hire someone?” After chatting with Dee about this, If found that she never quotes price until she evaluates the home and its contents.  So, I think the answer is, get a quote and determine for yourself!

I’ve made this video short and direct, so it won’t take much of your time.  Although not a requirement necessarily, staging can be very important so click now to get the scoop!  See you in the video.

Dee Khachab is the co-owner and designer at Halcyon of Charleston.  Give them a call and tell ’em Jim sent ya!


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