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"I have worked with Jim on several enterprise software development projects ranging from tools for the publishing industry to internal and external technology for large real estate brokerages. I believe his experience serving the needs of real estate professionals directly relates to his ability to be a highly successful real estate agent himself. Selling a home is a complex project and and Jim has managed some significant and messy projects over his career. Additionally, he has had to adopt a customer-first perspective and empathy to be successful. His proven ability to see the project as a whole, while being able to focus on the detail will ensure that the sale of a clients home will be managed proactively and optimally. Another notable trait that Jim brings to the table is his high-level of ethical standards. Over the years of knowing Jim, I’ve found his ethics consistently guide his actions and decisions. While delivering both good and bad news, I could always count on Jim to tell me the truth. He is relentless in finding a path to success no matter the obstacles. It is my strong belief that the skills that Jim has formed over his career will make him a highly effective and valuable person to represent your real estate transaction needs."
- Brett Eddy, CTO and former colleague

Image result for greg sundberg seattle"If you're reading this, you must be interested in working with Jim. Let me assure you, having worked closely with Jim for years, he has always shown excellent communication skills, making everything crystal clear to all involved. He is a savvy and creative negotiator who is as smart as they come. He is a serious project manager who never leaves anything undone or to chance. Jim will make sure every little detail of your transaction gets handled properly. You can bank on it."

- Greg Sundberg, CMO and former colleague